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Diamond production influence on GDP


Author: Rachele Momi Date: February, 21th, 2016 Description: Diamonds’ influence on national GDP of top world producers with market trend.  

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Global hi-tech export and R&D


Author: Federico Brembati Date: February, 14th, 2016 Description: Global data and year variation for hi-tech products exports and R&D data.  

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World oil reserves and main producers


Author: Davide Calzoni Date: February, 7th, 2016 Description: World oil production combined with proved reserves and projections for Brent spot prize, prize prediction and shale oil reserves.  

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Arctic geostrategic positioning and claims


Author: Federico Saleri Date: January, 31th, 2016 Description: Geostrategic positions and claims in the Arctic region referred to oil and gas race.    

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Russian influence in weapons market


Author: Andrea Salvadori Date: January, 10th, 2016 Description: Influence of Russia in the global market of weapons.    

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European countries’ effort in humanitarian aid


 Author: Davide Calzoni Date: September, 13th, 2015 Description: Analysis of the humanitarian aid granted by European countries in 2014.

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Ukraine’s inner political and economic situation


Author: Federico Brembati Date: August, 30th, 2015 Description: insight of Ukraine’s situation with economic and inner political aspects.

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Iran’s medium term economic developments after the nuclear deal


Author: Federico Saleri Date: August, 23th, 2015 Description: Economic medium-term implications of Nuclear deal on Iran’s economy.  

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Russia eastern way for gas market


Author: Davide Calzoni Date: July, 19th, 2015 Description: Analysis of the 30 years Russia-China take-or-pay gas agreement.  

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Islamic State global affiliates


Author: Giulia Barnaba Date: June, 14th, 2015 Description: Groups in the world who pledged allegiance or support to the Islamic State.  

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