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Immigration between U.S. – Mexico border


Author: Alessio Baccinelli Date: February, 26th, 2017 Description:Current situation along the US Southern Border against Illegal Migration and perspective of the Trump’s Wall Project.  

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Deadly terrorist attacks in the U.S. since 9/11

Deadly Attacks in the US since 9:11

Author: Pietro Orizio Date: March, 6th, 2016 Description: Description of different kinds of deadly terrorist attacks in US soil since 9/11 and their magnitude.      

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Arctic geostrategic positioning and claims


Author: Federico Saleri Date: January, 31th, 2016 Description: Geostrategic positions and claims in the Arctic region referred to oil and gas race.    

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Political violence and murders in Colombia


Author: Alessio Baccinelli Date: May, 31th, 2015 Description: Political violence in Colombia and the instituions’ fight against it.

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Colombia drug production


Author: Alessio Baccinelli Date: May, 4th, 2015 Description: Analysis of drug production in Colombia in relation with poverty.

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Nafta’s commercial situation


Author: Federico Brembati Date: April, 7th, 2015 Description: Overview of NAFTA’s commercial situation and main partners.

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